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Entrepreneur KC Radio Show – 12/4/14

Listen to Jason McAninch on the Entrepreneur KC Radio Show as he discusses some awesome tech gift ideas for 2014.


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Jason's Segment:  Entrepreneur KC Show

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Support for Windows XP Ends April 8, 2014

  xpendoflife On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will officially drop support for the world's most popular operating system, Windows XP.  The operating system is 13-years old. There are several companies and households whose computers still operate on Windows XP.  So what exactly does the end of life for XP mean for you? If you are still operating on Windows XP, it most likely means that your computer is several years old, or that XP was chosen as the operating system your business needed to run on for one reason or another.  While you will still be able to use your computers that operate Windows XP, as time goes on, you will be at an increased risk for security vulnerabilities because Microsoft will no longer push out updates to fix security breaches...