Data Recovery

It’s inevitable, data failure will happen to you at some point if you use technology.  We wish this weren’t true, but it’s an unfortunate fact.  If you do not have a backup on your computer or files, you will experience some kind of data loss eventually.  Fortunately, J-TEK has a solution if you encounter a hard drive, flash drive or other media that needs recovered.

Recovery Experts is a J-TEK company.  The company was founded in 2013, after the staff of J-TEK discovered their clients did not have an affordable recovery solution when their hard drives failed or other major issues occurred.  J-TEK, an information technology company that serves select small to medium sized businesses and residential technology nationwide, currently serves over 900 unique clients and over 3,500 devices.  The company was founded in 1999 by Jason McAninch.

“We recognized a need for affordable data recovery solutions to be available to not just our clients, but the community as a whole” said Jason McAninch, founder of J-TEK.  His brother, Derrick McAninch who is a Technology Specialist at J-TEK is credited with coining the business name and it’s mission.  ”Rather than just sending our customers to a vendor we had no control over providing quality support, we decided to start our own recovery company where we can ensure our clients receive the best care possible” Derrick McAninch said.

Recovery Experts is committed to providing our clients with affordable data recovery solutions.

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