Nationwide IT Services

Amazing technology support, no matter where you are!

Gone are the days where you have to take your computer to a local service provider to get assistance and be without your computer for days.  Today, you can have a friendly, knowledgeable J-TEK team member assist you remotely.

What is remote support? Remote support is a relatively new technology that allows qualified technicians to access your computer screen and assist you like they were sitting in front of your computer with you.  It provides more immediate support, as well as a secure connection ensuring your privacy and security.

We utilize the latest remote assistance software available to assist you with your computer troubles over the Internet.  This provides a secure link from your computer to our office, where a technician can assist you with your issues just like they were sitting in front of the computer with you.  This is not only a huge time saver, but it allows J-TEK to help clients like never before.

J-TEK is a reliable and trustworthy source for you to get your computer issues resolved remotely.  We are located in America’s heartland, in Lenexa, Kansas and provide technical support services to over 900 clients in 12 states and manage over 3,500 devices.

Ready for a J-TEK technician to assist you with your computer needs? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.