Hailey Weedman

Director of First Impressions


Hailey joined the J-TEK Team in March of 2015. She is the Director of First Impressions at J-TEK.  If you’ve visited the J-TEK office, you’ve been greeted by one of the friendliest and caring people around.

She is pictured here with Royals baseball player Salvador Perez, at a Royals Meet & Greet that the J-TEK Team was a part of in May.

Since J-TEK deals with the public on a daily basis, having a great person running the main lobby is critical to keeping our clients happy.  Hailey does just that!

In addition, she offers great input on how to improve J-TEK’s business processes and helping improve client satisfaction.  As you might imagine, working in the IT industry is a ever changing, fast paced environment where there is always something to do and someone to call back or get in touch with regarding getting their IT working phenomenal again.  Hailey keeps our office running smoothly at all times by speaking with clients, setting appointments, keeping us posted about various client’s needs and so much more.  We love having such a great and dedicated member of our team!