Jason McAninch

Founder & CEO

jasonJason started J-TEK in 1999 at the age of 13.  Since that time, Jason has been able to grow J-TEK into a profitable and well-known computer support company in the Kansas City area, as well as expand the services offered.  In 2010, J-TEK expanded it’s service offering nationwide through their remote support capabilities, allowing them to assist more clients regardless of their physical location.  Today, J-TEK proudly provides support to select clients in professional services industries.

His passion is helping people understand technology and how it can help improve their quality of life.  His goal with J-TEK has always been to personalize technology by offering cutting-edge support to small businesses and homes in the Johnson County and surrounding areas of Kansas City.

Since Jason started J-TEK from the ground up, he was faced with the tremendous task of building a team of experts for J-TEK that were as passionate and knowledgeable of technology, and caring to clients as he was.  Through his careful selection J-TEK’s customer service and satisfaction has become second to none.

Jason also enjoys public speaking, especially regarding young entrepreneurship.  He is currently writing a book that he hopes will become a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in Management from Ottawa University in 2009.

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